Week 27: Pico-8 Doodles, JOY, 0hGame, bizniz cards

Week 27 wasn't super productive for JOY but there's been interesting stuff anyway! I made a game in 0 hour! First of all, here are the Pico-8 doodles of the week!   Bonus: two tweetcarts! r=rnd ::s:: x=r(128) y=r(128) c=pget(x,y-rnd(1)) if(y<1)c=8+rnd(6) circfill(x,y,1,c) goto s — Trasevol Hound (@TRASEVOL_DOG) October 26, 2016 r=rnd a=0x6000 b=0x2000 ::s::... Continue Reading →

Week 13 – HIGH CLIMB

Week 13 just went by. At least, the calendar says so, I didn't really notice myself. The week was mostly spent on the new Pico-8 game which I'm calling HIGH CLIMB, so that's what most of this post will be about! I did do one TweetCart this week, here it is! z=128::s::t=time()for i=0,999 do x=rnd(z)y=rnd(z)circ(x,y,1,pget(x,y))... Continue Reading →

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