Weeks 14 and 15: HIGH CLIMB and EJC2016

Here’s what happened: two weeks ago I had to prepare a good amount of content for the coming week because I wouldn’t be working on anything then. I hoped I would also have time to write week 14‘s blog post. I didn’t. Then I came back from my trip, one week ago. And I just couldn’t find it in me to write a blog post for both weeks 14 and 15. Here we are now, in the middle of week 17.

The blog post for week 16 will be coming shortly.

Let’s start with week 14! I finished and released HIGH CLIMB, the Pico8 version!


As was mentioned in the last blog post, I got some people to test the game. They had things to say, mainly that the game is to easy, you just have to mash the ‘z’ button. So I made the ball go away from the player so that you would have to move a bit to actually play the game. I thought that would be enough but then the next complain was “I got a big score just by running around and mashing ‘z'”. So I thought a bit more and made the decision that the ‘z’ button would trigger a quick dive on its second airborne press (not counting wall jumps and first press is double jump) and kinda did the trick… Although not really because then the game was out and the main complaint was that the game is too easy.

But the game is out and you should totally give it a try, you can play it on Itch.io or on the Pico-8 BBS!

Climbin’ Climbin’ Climbin’

I did work on the game during the whole week though, apart from Friday, because on Friday I prepared my 8 days of absence which would start on the morrow!

Indeed, on week 15 I went to the European Juggling Convention 2016, in the Netherlands with a few friends! That event is the biggest juggling convention in the world and it is of itself pretty much a world apart. A very nice world, filled with open minds and very happy people. I had a wonderful week. Here is a link to a very tiny bit of it: two jugglers in a tournament of basically not letting the other one juggle.

But, not willing to let myself go inactive for 8 days, here are the 8 GIFs I had prepared for each of these 8 days!

And that’s it for week 15! I came back from my trip very tired but had a good rest and was back on my feet very soon after!

On week 16 I wanted to start making HIGH CLIMB on GameMaker and you’ll see what happened with that soon.

Have a good 24-48 hours before the blog post for week 16 comes out (let’s hope)!

Take care!


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