Week 20: TweetCarts, Failing at FermiJam, Preparing JOY

Week 20 was a mess!

At the moment of writing this, I am on the way back home from my family holiday trip on which I kept working anyway. I was in Austria during week 20 and we saw a lot of mountains and I honestly don’t recommend Austria as a touristic destination to people who don’t speak German (otherwise, I’m sure they’re nice people).

Let’s start with… a TweetCart from the very beginning of the week! And then a TweetCart from the very end of the week (actually written on this very same drive back home)!


This week I’ve been working on an entry for #FermiJam. I didn’t really know if I would have the time to really do something but I had something in mind and wanted to try it out. I did not have the time to finish it but check out my Pico-8 glitchy endless exploring thing!

So much terrain to see, so many debug red crosses to ignore!

I wanted to make a generator of endless Pokemon-style terrain (the old, 2D sort), and I’m actually fairly happy with what I made in the few hours I spent on it!

Also, it led me to do this live-coding GIF:

~ Glitch Art In 120 Seconds ~


Then, on Friday, it was my birthday!! I got older by one year from one day to the next one and while I personally think this is nonsense, I wouldn’t spit on something I can celebrate! And to celebrate I chose to make a gift to the Pico-8 community!

I wrote a very short Pico-8 cart, where balloons explode into more balloons and then I commented it! Because I’m always hearing people saying that the carts’codes on the BBS are quite unreadable, I wanted to make some actual readable code, just for those people! The BBS thread, with the commented code and the cart itself, can be found right there! If you own Pico-8, your best option is to download the cart‘s .p8.png and load it into Pico-8! I wrote the comments in a way that lets you read them all comfortably, without having to scroll left and right each time you want to read something!

This is what the cart looks like! It’s better with sound!

And even if you don’t actually care about the code, do take a look at the cart in the BBS because there’s sound too and it adds a lot!

Finally, I’ve been working on the paddle game from week 19 all along week 20. But only on paper! That’s right, I care a great deal about this project so I’m doing a lot of theoretical stuff before actually starting the making of the game!

Oh and I’m thinking of calling this game “JOY”! It’s short, memorable enough, it’s representative of what I want to make of it and it’s perfect for the logo I have in mind!

Right now I’m trying to think of and analyse the arcade-ish games I know and love, looking for things to steal/improve/get-inspired-from!

Next week I’ll probably share more insights about the design of the game and there should be actual GIFs of it too!

Indeed week 21 should be almost entirely devoted to JOY. I’m going to start coding things I have in mind, in the most organized way I can think of. I’m going to get people to try whatever I’ll be making and if things work properly, I’ll get working on content straight away!

Week 20 was messy but it was a pretty good week nonetheless! The endless explorator was interesting to make and got me some attention on Twitter, I’m very happy about the commented balloons thing and it’s nice to have stuff on paper for JOY!

Week 21 should be fun! Projects I care that much about are really hard to come up with!

Have a great week!

Take care!


PS: check out the results of that Twitter poll I made! Not a lot of people voted but still, the results are pretty interesting imo!


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