Week 13 – HIGH CLIMB

Week 13 just went by. At least, the calendar says so, I didn’t really notice myself.

The week was mostly spent on the new Pico-8 game which I’m calling HIGH CLIMB, so that’s what most of this post will be about!

I did do one TweetCart this week, here it is!

~~ Bouncing Rainbow ~~


HIGH CLIMB is a game about going higher and higher by transforming enemies into platforms when they are close enough! It’s a three button game: left and right let you go left and right while Z lets you jump, double jump, wall jump and transform enemies into blocks. The enemies are simple balls that bounce off the walls and the low border of the screen. Here are the GIFs made at the end of each day of the week!

I completely embraced the trippy look and went full on with some sort of cellular automata instead of the classic screen clear at the beginning of each frame. And THANK YOU TO TWEETJAM for opening my eyes on that possibility because I don’t know how else I could have stumbled upon the idea!

The game plays pretty nicely right now. The controls work well, which is great. The screen is extremely colorful but the game is still playable and that’s lovely. There isn’t much to add now except a title-screen.

I expect to make some people test the game tomorrow and then release it on wednesday! As soon as that’s done, I will start working on the GameMaker version.

And next week, I’m going with a few friends to the Netherlands for the European Juggling Convention at Almere (yes I’m a juggler too, I really like all sorts of arts). And my access to Internet will be extremely limited and I’m not going there to work on games anyway so here’s what I’d like to do: Each day of that week I (or a bot, probably a bot) will be uploading a cool GIF I will have made this coming week! Right now I’m thinking a whole week of live-coding could be very nice but there might be other stuff! But that’s in 6 days, so we’ll speak about it then.

This week was pretty good! Got some really good progress on HIGH CLIMB!! (the name might change)

Next week I’m releasing it, starting the GM version and preparing the week after that!

Have a great week!

Take care!


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