Week 8 – TETRABLAST pt.1

Week 8 went pretty good! But there isn't that much to say about it so enjoy the pictures! The week was spent almost entirely on mobile TETRATON! Which is now called TETRABLAST! Such a cool name!! Thanks to the Trasevol_Dog Slack for helping with finding it! There also was a very small amount of cellular... Continue Reading →

Week 7 – TETRATON, Unity and GameMaker

Last week was week 7 and it went pretty bad! Also, this post will be quite short. Week 7 was about TETRATON and making TETRATON's mobile variant. Of course there was some cellular automata too but not as much as in previous weeks. Here is one though! So the week began with development on TETRATON,¬†the... Continue Reading →

Week 5 – Gear of Gears

Week 5! This week was mostly about¬†the Pico-8 jam, as expected! Also a tiny bit of flowers, a bigger bit of cellular automata and the 500 Twitter followers milestone!! Obviously I am going to talk about¬†my entry to the Pico-8 jam, Gears of Gear. However, I am not going to detail how it was made... Continue Reading →

Week 3 – LD35 and Picoscope 2016

Hi! So I just got back from my week-end at Picoscope 2016¬†in Nantes and it was great and it is the reason why this post is one day late. But more on that at the end of this post! Let's start with the results for my LD35 entry Figurophrenia!! Figurophrenia is a LD compo game... Continue Reading →

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