Week 1 – Dropping out and getting up again

Week 1. Yes it’s been a very long while since I haven’t updated this site but now I want to do it weekly. Why? Because things are changing for me.

I am dropping out of school mainly because I’m just not doing what I want to do in my very very expensive school and I believe I can learn more by making stuff all alone.

This means I’m becoming a full-time indie dev!!

It is both very exciting and very scary!

Cellular Automata 4 Life

Before starting this, since the last post in December, I made a screensaver in january, I dropped the physics-dummies-shooty game, I started something else inspired of Downwell (more on that further down), I made a bunch of #pico-8 cellular automatas and more recently I made micro-society for #LOWREZJAM.

!! micro-society !!

And that is it because school and life. Also, I am still on that thing inspired of Downwell. That thing is a pico-8 game I’m calling DEEPDOWN for now and it is going to be my first ‘big’ project (it won’t be that big hopefully). Right now, I’m seeing myself working on it for three months and then releasing it as freeware, in the hope that it gets me seen. I am though considering selling the thing but for that I need to have a chat with Lexaloffle. A chat I will try to have this next week.

This is what the game looks like right now

This post is Week 1 because I’m writing this at the very end of the Sunday of my first week not at school. Ideally, I’m going to make these rather on Friday but I’m giving myself the whole weekend for it.

Week 1 wasn’t very productive to be honest. I was at my girlfriend’s place and she doesn’t have a desk or even a table that’s not 1.5m high (her tables are made for cooking on). She works on her bed. I don’t like doing that at all. I did it anyway but not a lot I admit. I implemented sprite packaging using what’s described here and it works great. Then I made a whole bunch (we’re at 20 now) of tilesets and a few new enemies. I’ve been thinking about the general form of the game too and I want bosses in there. Kirby Dreamland 2 bosses. Both mini-bosses and world-bosses.


Also, on Thursday I made We Can Always Talk for the quite silly BitJam!!

Next week, I am at my studio and I’m going to start working towards a beta that I will then show everyone!! I’m also going too remake the floor generation to make levels clearer and I’m going to start preparing a presentation for an event on the 14th and 15th may, Picoscope! About game-feel! A video will be uploaded!

Tomorrow I’m going to see my teachers and tell them everything about everything and then I should get a unregistration form or something! I don’t really know how it’s gonna go.

See ya next week!

Take care!


PS: I have an article in Picozine 4!!!! It’s about the roguelike *shiny* game-feel!! Check it out!!!

This picture I made is in the article!

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