Week 8 – TETRABLAST pt.1

Week 8 went pretty good! But there isn’t that much to say about it so enjoy the pictures!

The week was spent almost entirely on mobile TETRATON! Which is now called TETRABLAST! Such a cool name!! Thanks to the Trasevol_Dog Slack for helping with finding it!

There also was a very small amount of cellular automata.


Since I don’t actually have that much to say about TETRABLAST‘s development, I’ll just let the GIFs speak for themselves. The development did go fairly good on the whole.

!! Super Duper Colorful Custom Shader !!
Crates and a few different weapons!
Procgen clouds! Broken.
Fixed clouds! Added Enemy Ships! Added more weapons!
Collisions! Explosions! Smoke!
Text! Flamethrowers! Grenade Launchers!

And that’s the whole week! The game is already fun to play and that’s really cool. It’s also very fun to make and that’s even better!

Next week I have to take care of more boring stuff such as actually making the game playable on mobile. Also, I won’t have too much time to dev next week so progress will be slower. But progress will still be there. Progress will always be there!

Have a great week!

Take care!


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