Week 6 – DEEPDOWN again, Burst Can, notes on income

Remember when I wrote I would try to make these on Fridays? Anyway, this is week 6.

This week, a bunch of cellular automata, progress on DEEPDOWN has been done and Burst Can was made. Also, towards the end of this post, I will write a bit about money income, the fact that I don’t have any right now and how I can/want/will fix that.

The week did start with cellular automata as I did not know if I wanted to go back to DEEPDOWN or continue on Gears of Gear. I choose the former but not right away. I made these first!


Then I actually tried to write a thing that might happen this week. I’ll write more about it next week if it does happen.

Then I did work on DEEPDOWN.

Precisely what I had feared

I did something I had to do for a while but was not brave enough to up until now… I reorganized the spritesheet, made everything use sprite compression and decompression using palette manipulation and coded some tools to organize everything again when things need to be changed/added. Surprisingly, it went quite smoothly and by the end of Thursday it was all done!

All them sprites in so little space!!

With the new organization, I can fit four times as many sprites in the spritesheet, while losing very little performance. Which means I can have 32 different tilesets in one half of the spritesheet, which is exactly what’s going to happen!

In the week I also coded the floor generation all over again and added a new tileset! The new floor generation code is much better in that it does not allow two same “special” tiles to be set next to each other yet assure some sort of more constant representation for each tile. Basically, each of the tiles is regularly used but never in clusters!

The new floor generation code in action!


Then I made Burst Can! Burst Can is a toy in which you paint with explosions!! It was inspired by oinariman’s Shodo! I find the result quite satisfying and making it was really fun! People actually don’t seem to like it so much however, with the explosions and the screenshake being more annoying than fun as I thought they would be. The UI is still a win though!

” ‘SUP “

Finally, this very day (Monday, I’m cheating), I made something I wanted to do for a long time! I made a page with all the games (plus some other stuff) I made and uploaded up until now! Because while most of my games are up on Itch.io, some are not! I’ll keep it updated as I upload more stuff of course!

But all the things that are on this page are totally free and do not bring me any revenue. Which brings me to this unusually serious bit. The one about money.

My current situation is that I’m living off my mother. She was going to pay for the four years of my school and since I’m not doing three more than the first one, I shamefully consider that I am not that much of a leech. But I am a leech and I hate it. But I am going to stay a leech until I make money from my creations because that is the best way to me. Still, I do need to make money from my creations. Up until now, all my creations were exempt of advertisement or any kind of monetization really. Sadly, this needs to change.

Serious stuff below, have some cellular automata to compensate

The way I see it, I have a few possibilities:

Make and sell a game. This could work but it would require time and more serious marketing than I ever did. It should also mean I am confident enough that people will buy my stuff, which I am not.

Make a browser game, put it on Kongregate, get ad-revenue share and try to get a sponsor. This is one of the more interesting possibilities to me. This way I still make free games, I get some income, you just have to suffer through a little bit of advertisement. The bad part about this is I would depend on that sponsor and also I would need to make a game that is big enough to actually get a sponsor in the first place.

Make a mobile game with advertisements. Other more interesting possibility. I want to avoid micro-transaction but I think advertisements in a mobile game are OK because if you really don’t want them, you can just deactivate your connection to internet. Moreover, having a mobile game would mean I can show my stuff to friends and strangers in a very simple way (my phone) and that’s something I value a lot. Problem of this is that I fear the revenue from this, without a publisher, would be very small.

Keep making totally free stuff and get a Patreon. To me, this is the dream. And that’s precisely the problem, it’s a dream. With my current followers, I do not think a Patreon would be successful at all. I do hope some people would help me out but I fear they would not be many. I do want to make a Patreon but I prefer to wait a moment where I have more people interested in my stuff so the creation of it is indeed a successful one because I do think this is important.

And the winner is…

Now all four of these are somehow interesting to me and also have drawbacks. But one does appeal to me more than the others and that is the mobile game one. So this week I want to try to make a simple mobile game, inspired of TETRATON, get some advertisement in there and probably next week, release that. I will use Unity which I know how to use thanks to school (I never said I didn’t learn anything)! Obviously, I will tell you all about it in the next two weekly blog post.

And that is it for week 6! I hope that bit on income wasn’t too boring. I wanted to share those insights for a while now. Next week, I will be working on that mobile game project, I will also try to keep working on DEEPDOWN but it won’t be a priority. More cellular automata action is likely to happen.


Have a great week!

Take care!


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