Week 2 – Let’s get crashing again!

And here comes the end of week 2!!

It’s been a pretty good week!

This took a while to make

It started with some work on DEEPDOWN’s floor generation and I don’t want to show it in action yet because I am not that happy with it as it is. But I made this huge banner you’re seeing up there with it! Then I started making the first boss of DEEPDOWN! He’s inspired of the very first mini-boss in Kirby Dream Land 2 and I am very happy with him! I spent a few days on him too.

And he gets more dangerous

And then, I spent Thursday night and the whole of Friday improving and adding content to a game I made in 6 hours in January! The game was called “Crash!” and was about crashing a car in each level to get to the next level. I liked that idea of destroying by all means to progress a lot and I’ve been wanting to work more on it ever since. And now I did and the new version is called “Crash!!”, it follows the same concept but is more polished and has more content!

Also, there is Pizza’s music in there and it’s super groovy!

From what I have gathered, people that play video games a lot generally finish the game in around 10 minutes while people who don’t play video games that often tend to take  15 to 25 minutes.

You can play “Crash!!” HERE and you can also take a look at the original “Crash!” HERE for comparison.

It has buttons like a real puzzle game!

Most of Saturday was spent trying to get a lot of people to play Crash!!, mostly from Twitter. I also went out that day, the weather was amazing.

And today, Sunday, I started working on a game to present at the Picoscope, a french event all about pico-8 happening in Nantes! I’m going to give a talk on a few tricks to make pico-8 games juicier! The event is happening next week-end and it’s gonna be good!

Also this week, I learned that Deep Down is an upcoming PS4 game which means I will be changing the name of DEEPDOWN to something else but I don’t know what yet.

Tomorrow night, the results of Ludum Dare 35 will be published and I don’t think it will be better than my two previous entries at all but we’ll see! I’ll try to make some kind of post-mortem for Figurophrenia after the scores are out.

And finally, this week was the first serious week of making stuff alone full time and it went really well and also, my Twitter analytics kind of exploded, which is good.

Have a good week and take care!


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