Weeks 16, 17 and 18: GameMaker Cellular Automata, And All Is Well and HIGH CLIMB v1.1

I’ve been lazy about these posts and the more I wait the harder it is to start writing them. So here are the three last weeks in one quick post and after that one the regular rhythm of one post a week while come back!

I did this tweetcart at some point

On week 16 I did two things: I tinkered on GameMaker, experimenting with surfaces and arrays and buffers (buffers are way faster, using buffer_get_surface) and I started making something for One Button Jam!

The game I started working on
GameMaker cellular automata!

On week 17 I kept doing those two things. Except that at the end of the week I realized I wasn’t really going anyway with my jam game and I choose to drop it and make another quick game much more interesting to make and which I finally called And All Is Well and you can play it here!

And All Is Well

On week 18, the one that’s ending now, I made an update for HIGH CLIMB and then spent a whole day uploading it to Kongregate (had to deal with JavaScript, a language I never learned and the forums were down for maintenance). So HIGH CLIMB v1.1 is up on Kongregate! It’s got achievements now!!



And these next two weeks I’m going on a family trip, to Croatia and then to Austria! I will keep working though and there should be a blog post next week, whatever happens!

I want to start a new game, a simple one, well thought-out before starting coding, probably gonna try to aim at mobile again. We’ll see how it goes!

Have a great week!

Take care!




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