Oh dear it’s been a month


So yea right… I have better things to do alright? (that’s not true)

In this month since that weird forest thing I made a bullet-hell for p8jam1.

You should play this, I'm actually pretty happy with it.
Yea there’s a boss and then an end.

Then I started working on a Pico-8 physicsy thing, here’s a gif.

Pretty cool eh?
Hey look, dummy! Seriously look, it’s a dummy!

And last week I participated in LD34 of which the themes (tied yea we know) were growth and two button controls and I came up with WAR GROWTH, a game with failed narratives but turned out pretty fun anyway.

Can you guess what's the button for?

And right now I’m trying to get the motivation to finish that physicsy thing.

Can you believe I'm bored with this?
A Rainbow Squid Being Shot At With A Shotgun

Also I’m writing an article on roguelikes’ game-feel for pico-zine 4, which I hope will at least be interesting before you read it.

Aaaaaand finally I really wanna make a game in 4 hours. Probably in Pico-8. Oh and I wanna do a mobile game but I don’t know how and don’t really wanna learn.


‘K bye!

And merry Christmas!

And be safe too!


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