Week 81: Clock Ninja

Really good week!

This week I finished(*) ‘Ninja Attack!’made a Pico-8 clock and two tweetcarts!

Here’s the two tweetcarts!

You can find the code for those here and there!

Yes, the tweetcarts are back! (although they never really went away) With Twitter now allowing for 280 character tweets, (and ridiculously long Twitter names) that’s a lot more space for tweet-sized code that makes really cool stuff!

I’m looking forward to making more this next week probably!


This game is now complete(*)! As in, all the features are there and working as they should!

…Yet, I still might need to make some small modifications. I’m currently awaiting feedback from the Frosty Pop Corps about this.

Also, there is one additional feature that I will be adding to the game this week… But maybe it’s better to keep it as a secret for now… :X

Anyway, what you’re seeing above is the loading screen for the game! It is one of the many things I did on the game this week, with all the audio, leaderboards, score sharing, localization, balancing, ads, analytics and more! This week was quite a busy time!

So I’m going to be working still a little bit more on this game this coming week, so I can move this game from done(*) to done(**).


Pico-8 0.1.11d is officially out and the manual was updated and it is such a good update, it’s kinda hard to believe how good it is!

And to try it out, I made myself a Pico-8 clock! You can get the local time inside Pico-8 now and I really wanted to try that out. But then I also wanted to try the new fill pattern feature and I got a lot of fun out of that too. From then I just added sfx, an alarm and a ‘lazy mode’ that tells you the time in digits.

I’m very happy with it and I will release it this coming week as a Pico-8 Doodle on the Patreon, with public downloadable binaries! (the source will be available to all 5$+ supporters as usual)


I also started on something for Procjam! I wanted to upgrade my entry from last year, the voxel island generator, with everything I learned about Pico-8 voxel since then and the new features from the recent Pico-8 update. I’m still planning on doing it but for now I just had the time to completely break my code from last year. And I know Procjam is technically over but that’s actually fine, Procjam is a particularly chill jam and you can just ask for a late submission link, so I think I’ll just do that!

Oh and hopefully this week I can manage to write an article or something for this blog! (maybe the Doodle Insights #20??)


This was a good, very busy week! And now my weeks shall be all the more busy with personal projects! I’ve been looking forward to that!

This next week, Procjam, Pico-8 clock, tweetcarts, finishing(**) Ninja Attack, article on the blog, and finishing 3CJam (maybe).

Have a great week!

Take care!


(*) finished/complete/done: As in finished but also not really.
(**) done/finish: As in, yeah it’s done now. For real.

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