Week 80: IndieCade Ninja

Solid week.

This week I went to IndieCade EU in Paris, I worked a little bit on my 3CJam game but couldn’t finish it, and then I worked on ‘Ninja Attack!’ a lot.

Here’s a thing!

This is a very quick heightmap visualizer with a rotating light source. I’m not sure I’m gonna make anything of this, but it was fun to make!

This thing came from a burst of will to create stuff that came to me at IndieCade! Seeing so many cool projects by so many cool people really made me want to create lots of small things again!

It got me thinking a lot about what I want to do in the near future, and that would be going back to what I was doing last year: lots of prototypes, lots of experiments, articles, and a more serious project which this time I’ll finish maybe.

I want to make the Patreon attractive again and I’d like to build a small community around me. I want to sell something new on Itch.io, Humble Bundle and Steam. I want to go to more events. And I think it’s gonna be time to get serious about all of this. (but, like, not too serious, it’s about having fun too)

This is all I’m saying here for now! I did a more thorough update about this on the Patreon for my supporters! 😉

IndieCade EU overall went really well! I got to befriend lots of really cool people, learned a bunch of things, got some very useful info… It was a total success!


I couldn’t finish this game in time for the end of 3CJam! There was too much left to do and not enough time nor energy left after IndieCade… It’s ok, I’ll finish it anyway! (probably?)

I still intend on writing things about this game’s effects after I release it. I may not be working on it this week though, because I’m gonna be quite busy with this:

These are iOS stickers I made, they will come with the game! (there’s about ~12 of them!)

‘Ninja Attack!’ is nearly done! This new week could be the last week I spend on it, so that’s exciting!

I’ve been working hard on doing lots of changes to the UI and implementing the last missing things. And I’m still going to be working hard on implementing the last missing things (and also doing the audio for the game) in the next few days. Actually, I just might spend the whole week on it, with very little time left for other things…

But also I just might find some time anyway to try out Pico-8 0.1.11c which literally came out 3 hours ago. (you can check on the time inside Pico-8 now!!!)


That was a very solid week and I feel like I got a lot out of it! It feels super good to have a fresh perspective on things! I’m very excited for all the things I will be doing after ‘Ninja Attack!’ is finished!

This next week I’m going to be working on ‘Ninja Attack!’ and maybe even finish it! This will be the focus of the week and I don’t feel like I will have time for anything else, but if I do, I will also make things with Pico-8!

Have a great week!

Take care!


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