Week 12 – TETRABLAST pt.4, mistakes, Ball Arena, Tweetcarts and live-coding.


Seriously, the weather in France is barely bearable right now. It is way warmer than we are used to and it is hard to do pretty much anything. But last week, it was still OK.

Lots of things happened during week 12!! Everything that’s in the title really!

Let’s start with some tweetcarts and live-coding!


– Playable Black Hole In 95 Seconds –


The week actually began with TETRABLAST. In fact, the first three days were almost exclusively spent optimizing the game and getting the controls right (or at least trying). And by Wednesday, the game could finally be played at 30 fps on my phone! And it was glorious!! Here are gifs!

But here’s the thing: I might not be going anywhere with TETRABLAST. That sounds harsh but I made a huge mistake with the way I started making the game and fixing it now seems really difficult. That mistake was to start making a game with rather experimental controls, without testing these experimental controls first. The very fact that I haven’t gotten the game to work properly on the phone up until now shows something was wrong in my process. So here is what there is to learn from that: if you’re gonna go mobile, test the game on mobile as soon as possible (end of first week should be the latest possibility).

So what’s happening to TETRABLAST? For now it is on hold. Possibly forever. We’ll see. In the meantime I am starting a new Pico-8 game! I have a nice 3-button gameplay idea which I want to try out and I would like to have a try at expending the art style I used for Dust Dasher as well. This Pico-8 game which should get done by the end of the week and might then be made again in GameMaker with both PC and Android at aim! But more on that next week!

Main character for the new game maybe?


Finally, this week I recorded the English edition of my Picoscope talk!! You can watch it right here!

And I also released Ball Arena, the game being made in the video, and you can play it there!

To be honest, I’m not sure I like the video so much myself. I tried to get into some sort of character but I think I only managed to sound kinda dorky. But someone thanked me for making it, so I guess it’s fine! The video is about simple, common tricks that you can see everywhere in video games and that can be reproduced easily in Pico-8 to make your own game feel a lot better. It’s not reinventing anything but I sincerely hope it’s useful to anyone who would like to make a nice game in Pico-8!

If it’s useful to you or you have any question about anything, feel free to reach out!


That’s it for week 12. Although that’s actually quite a lot of things and I would say the week was a very good one! Next week should mostly be spent making that new Pico-8 game I wrote about a few paragraphs earlier! There should be a good amount of things to say about it in the next post!

Have a great week!

Take care!


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