Week 11 – TETRABLAST pt.3, what next and some more TweetCarts

Week 11 was alright!

Good progress was done on TETRABLAST and I also did two more TweetCarts!! I also started thinking about what will follow TETRABLAST when it’s done!

Here are the two TweetCarts!


And as I was saying, TETRABLAST did see good progress this week!

First, I animated the stars on the parallaxes and I added another parallax layer with those fluffy clouds on it!


Then I added rockets to the game because I’m making an action game so it just seemed natural.


After that I figured out how to make a HUD in GameMaker (so glad to have the Wasteland Kings source files) and then I improved the shader that produce them sweet colors and now the colors are even sweeter!


But most importantly, over the week-end I implemented touch controls into the game and had it run on my phone!


Also did a good bunch of optimization over the whole week! The game does run on my phone but pretty slowly for now. More optimization will get done this next week!

You may think those controls look great and must feel super good but… well not really. It feels weird and awkward for now and that will be the subject of next week’s main objective: Make The Controls Feel Better.

The photo I promised on week 10


And I wanted to share some insight on what is coming after TETRABLAST because it’s been a month since I started this game and its development is really starting to feel heavy now. I’ve been wanting to do something less violent and definitely less serious recently. And for much longer I’ve been wanting to make a game inspired from one of my favorite games of all time, Little Inferno by Tomorrow Corporation. So I want to do is first write a review of Little Inferno, detailing what I like so much about it and also what could be improved if I find anything like that. Then I would make a mobile game based on what I would have learned from that review. Of course I’m not going to make a clone – that’s not what I’m aiming for at all – but there are a few things I would love to reproduce from that Little Inferno and that will be the subject of the review so you’ll know more then!


Week 11 was good! This coming week I’m doing more optimization, making the controls feel better, probably coding more silly weapons and maybe starting to work on sound! Lots to do!!

Have a great week!

Take care!


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