Week 100: One Room Dungeon Update and The Last Of Bach

Woah, a hundred weeks huh? That’s a nice number! Anyway, this week was an ok week!

This week I worked on two things: the Bach project and an update for my game One Room Dungeon. (from December 2016)


I already wrote about this project these last two weeks but in case you missed it, Chris (@Gruber_Music) made Pico-8 covers of Bach compositions, and I’ve been making silly animated portraits to go with them. This project is now DONE and you can check out all the portraits on this playlist! (the first portrait is the least interesting, so take a look at the others too maybe :X)

I have also been writing one short technical write-up for each portrait, except they kept taking too much time and this week I was too busy to keep up and so only the portraits 1 to 12 are covered for now. The rest is coming, but you can already check those out there!

This was a really fun project, although it could have been prepared much better on my part, because making a new portrait AND writing a new short write-up every week day for three weeks, proved to be a bit much.

Still happy to have done this though!


Last week I reached out to Armor Games to convince them to take One Room Dungeon onto their website, in exchange for a modest payment, and we worked something out!

So I’ve been doing a small update to the game, adding what they required (mainly a click-able splash screen and logo on title screen) but also updating the gameplay!

The changes include a few boring fixes but also…

  • A new, smoother run animation!
  • A new transition between zones!
  • New sprites for the tiles that change color!
  • A more visible bow for the skeleton bowman! (bowskeleton??)
  • Buttons to mute the music AND/OR the sfx!
  • A better, less slippery movement system!

It might not look like much but the Pico-8 cart was already very close to the dreaded token limit and so I had to do a lot of optimization on 15 months old code, and that took some time, as you can imagine…

On a side-note, it was actually very interesting to see how I coded things back then because you can tell it’s the direct ancestry to how I do things now! (except now it’s so much cleaner!)

This updated version will be available to play on April 4th, on Armor Games!

But also my Patreon supporters will get the downloads for a standalone version on that same date!

I’ll tell you about it again next week! (the release will be closer then)


That’s pretty much it for this week though! I didn’t get to work on Bombs On Venus or SUGAR, but since the Bach project is done and that the One Room Dungeon update is done also, I will be back on both this next week!

Also, the routine I’ve been trying to adopt is settling in pretty well and it already makes my days a little better!

Next week, I’m going to try and finish Bombs On Venus! I’m also going to be working on SUGAR and maybe I’ll generate a new set of wallpapers with it!

Have a great week!

Take care!


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