Week 99: More Bach

This week too was mostly spent on Bach portraits! But I also managed to overhaul the level generation in Bombs On Venus, and I got to think about my input system in SUGAR and maybe found a solution!

bach 7-1_1

As you probably already know, I’ve been working on animated portraits of Bach, made-in Pico-8, to go along with Chris’ (@gruber_music) recreations of Bach’s ‘Inventions’ compositions, also in Pico-8!

It’s been going pretty well and even though I wish I was spending less time on those portraits, working on them is rather fun and I am happy with almost all the portraits I produced so far.

Of course I also continued writing short-ish public posts about the effects I’m using on each portrait. You can find them all on the Patreon.

Soon I’m going to start bringing them to the blog. At first I wanted to make one big blog post grouping all the Patreon posts, but since I’m making them a lot longer than I first intended, I’m thinking I will do 1 blog entry per 5 Patreon post. Those blog entries are coming either at the end of this week, or along the next week.


I overhauled the level generation system in Bombs On Venus, so that now I can set generation parameters for each level! I even managed to free a bunch of Pico-8 tokens, enough, maybe, to finish the game. All that’s left now is: the boss, the game-over(s), the title-screen, and all the audio. Maybe I can finish it before the end of the month!

I also thought about SUGAR’s input system again and I think I found myself the start of a solution! If it works out, I’ll write a post about it! (maybe a Patreon-exclusive post, I don’t know yet) Basically, it’s a simple solution to a dumb problem and it consists of focusing a lot more on structures and a lot less on enumerations.

Something else: Last week I said I would try to get into a routine and I’d let you know how it goes! Well it’s going… alright. Starting the day (and before that, waking up) is the most difficult part, but I feel like I’m getting there.

Something else also: Recently, a few Pico-8 games have been finding their way to browser-games website Armor Games. That got me very interested in doing the same thing with one of my own Pico-8 games. So I reached out to someone that I know and who works there, and I am very happy to announce that One Room Dungeon is coming to Armor Games, hopefully very soon! I’m going to update the game a tiny bit for the occasion, so look out for that!

And that’s it for this week! It was a pretty good week!

Next week, the final five Bach portraits are coming! I’m also going to work on modifying One Room Dungeon for Armor Games, and, hopefully, I’ll get some progress done on Bombs On Venus and/or SUGAR!

Have a great week everyone!

Take care!


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