Week 79: 0 Hour Ninja

A pretty great week!

This week I mostly worked on Ninja Attack, but also I wrote and published a mini-series of write-ups, available for all my Patreon supporters! It’s about bad decisions I made! Also I made a game in 0 hour for the 0h Game Jam!

I’m writing (and publishing) this on a Sunday! The reason is that tomorrow and the day after, I’m going to IndieCadeEU in Paris! I already went last year it was amazing to meet so many game developers, I’m really looking forward to doing that again! But that also means I’m gonna be somewhat busy, that’s why you get the recap a bit early!


‘The Floor Is Shaking, Also There Is Lava’ is the game I made for the 0h Game Jam! Play it over there!

The 0h Game Jam is a yearly gamejam where you make game just when the daylight savings hour shift happens, between 2am and 2am! It’s a super fun and relaxed jam and a great occasion to make something super small and probably not very good!

This was my second time doing this jam and I think the result this time is a lot better than last time! I’m looking forward to doing even better next year!


So this game is almost done now! There’s a bunch of details to fix, two or three very small features to add in, and then it’s just doing all the audio and adding in the ads.

Mainly, this week I worked on the title screen and the game over screen and making the visuals clearer than they used to be. (again) I also implemented the currency system, where playing the game gives you points which you can use to unlock new themes and two harder difficulties!

Just two more weeks and it’ll be completely done!


I still don’t know how this game will end up being called but I’m working hard on it! The deadline for the jam is in only two days!

This week I added enemies as you can see, did a quick auto-targeting system and I’ve been working on other core features that you can’t see here. (but you’ll see them soon enough)

After publishing this recap, I’ll get back to it and do as much as I can before preparing things for the IndieCadeEU tomorrow. I want to have a playable version at IndieCade so I can have people play it and give me feedback before I release the thing, probably tomorrow evening!


That’s it for this week! I actually feel like it’s been a really good week where I did tons of stuff!

I’m very excited to be at IndieCadeEU tomorrow! I have no idea if I’ll be able to make it happen, but I’d love to get into the ‘Show and Tell’ thing where I could get some people (and press!) to play my games! Either way, I’m super looking forward to hanging out with other devs!

For the rest of the week, I’ll be releasing my 3CJam game and then I’ll be working on ‘Ninja Attack!’ again!

Have a great week!

Take care!


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