Week 78: Ninja Skeleton

‘Woah’ week.

This week I worked hard on ‘Ninja Attack!’ and then I stopped and rested a bit and then I released a break-dancing skeleton.

Here’s the break-dancing skeleton! (it’s the Pico-8 Doodle I promised last week)


It’s Skully McSpook, the master of BreakSpook! As usual, the 5$+ patrons get the source code of this doodle and all the others. Also, 8$+ patrons get access to the 5th ‘What Magic Is That?’ about Skully’s inner-workings, and all the other ‘What Magic Is That?’ as well as all the other 8$+ write-ups!

Skully was pretty fun to make! I’m hoping to really get back on the Pico-8 Doodle train soon!


‘Ninja Attack!’ is very close to being done!

This week I made a lot of small visual modifications as well as mechanical modifications to the game. Mostly, I added outlines to all the buttons, to clear up the layout a bit, I changed the existing in-game UI (which was always cropped out in the gifs, so I don’t think you ever saw it before anyway – it was very basic though), and I changed how the power-ups work. Now, you kill the special enemy, you automatically get the power-up and a timer appears at the top of the screen. The timer runs out and you’re back to having no power-up. (just your shurikens and your life)

And then I also implemented two very important systems: the quest system and the theme selection system! Yes, the game will have (very simple) generated quests which will help you gain points, which will let you unlock different visual themes, as well as two higher difficulties.


While it was all put together pretty quickly, it should prove to be solid stuff that won’t break easily. The unlocking itself is not in yet, but it will be very soon. Then the higher difficulties. Then all the audio for the game. And then a bunch of boring things, and then it’s done! (probably two weeks from now)

I have more thorough updates about the game coming to Patreon for my supporters this week and I think they’ll find them interesting!


That’s it for this week! I actually took a good 2~3 days were I tried not to work so that I could pull myself back together. I’ll probably elaborate on this in a few weeks, after ‘Ninja Attack!’ is done. Apart from that, I’ve been pretty efficient this week!

This next week, I’m still working on ‘Ninja Attack!’ but I’m also working on my 3CJam game, for real this time! It’s the last week before the deadline, so I better make it count!

Have a great week everyone!

Take care!


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