Week 75: More Ninja


Pretty good week!

This week I mainly worked on the Ninja game again and I finished the water simulation thing and I participated in a Twitter thread of pico-8 random point distance visualizations! Here’s what I made for that last one!

And you can find the code for these here, here and there! The thread is over there and you should check it out because there’s some very cool stuff in there! And maybe give it a go too!


The Ninja game was the main focus this week again. It turns out that there isn’t much planned development time left and still quite a lot of stuff to do. It should be manageable, but it does mean I’m gonna have to focus on it some more and be super efficient.

This week I added a new type of enemy that is tougher to kill and I enhanced the look of the game and I made some new visual themes!

Despite all the praise on how the game looked, it still felt like it was too flat to me. So I worked the shader some more to give a better impression of relief. I also reworked a lot of the sprites to make them bigger/thicker. I’m a lot happier with how it looks now!

The new enemy should break the game’s repetitive flow at least a little and also it’s actually surprisingly satisfying to kill that six-eyed bastard!

The power-ups are still missing although I did start working on them. They’re coming very soon!


I finally finished this liquid simulation thing! I’m very happy with how it turned out! Now I only have to port it to Love2D! :X

I also wrote about it for 8$+ Patreon patrons! If you are one, you can read the 1100+ words piece over there! I did my best to keep it simple and accessible, as usual!


BLAST FLOCK is a game I released 7 months ago! It’s an action game where you control an army of warplanes and the reason I bring it up is that on Thursday I did the thing called ThrowbackThursday. #ThrowbackThursday is a hashtag on Twitter that mostly artists use to show off work they did a while ago. It’s great because even if you did show the thing at the time, there’s tons people that may not have been following you then and will gladly share this fresh ThrowbackThursday tweet, along with those who do remember it and went “hey I remember this, this was good”!

My point is that I never really made use of that hashtag and yet, doing it this week actually gathered quite a bit of attention. And with all the projects that I completed in the last two years, from now on I’ll do more ThrowbackThursdays!


That’s it for this week! It was a good week!

Next week I work on the Ninja game again but hopefully also Flying Pop-Pop for real this time! Gonna try to write things too!

Have a great week!


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