Lost write-up: Lessons From Making Small Games

I wrote this short… thing over a year ago, for the Pico-zine 5. The Pico-zine 5 has still yet to come out, so I decided to post this here!

Although it’s quite simple stuff, I think sometimes it’s good to get reminded of the basics. I hope that at least it does that for you and also I hope it makes you laugh a little bit!


Verses About The Mayking Of Small Gaimes, From The Greate Book Of Creation

Beginninng 1:4
1- “I wants to maketh my own gaime!” exclaimed A├»lfinnishit.

Beginninng 8:8
4- The well-honed friennd answered “Thou shalt not start with a game idea but with a simple interaction. ‘Press a button and this happens’ maketh for a righteous foundation.”

Beginninng 10:8
1- “I have a greatest idee of interraction, let’s get to the codinng!” started the mistake. A├»lfinnishit will learn in timme that one does not simply “get to the codinng! but first hast to pour at least one whole houre into thinnking the design of the gaime.


The Praucess 8:4
6- “The will to make this gaime has quitted me and since, I get no thinngs done!” complained A├»lfinnishit. The wisest voice replied “Lett this project be a lessonn and move on to a shorter one.

The Praucess 16:2
10-┬á“I cannot do sounnd!” A├»lfinnishit realised. And the experienced friennd spoke thus: “Ask the community for tracks or have a try anyway. My first gaime had terrible sounnd“.

The Praucess 32:16
6- “Why wilst thou not lett me end my gaimes” he said in anger to the stars, and the stars to reply “Who u kiddin’? U think we got smthg to do with this?!“. This made A├»lfinnishit reflect upon himself and finish his game.


Ennd 1:1
1- “I finished my own gaime!” exclaimed A├»lfinnishit. “Ok, next one!” he said after a pause of a few minnutes.

Ennd 2:1
4- “Taketh the timme to upload yourr gaime, at least on the Pico-8 BBS or Itch.io and post GIFs on Twitteur. Thenn try to get some feedback, learnn from that feedback annd then get to the next gaime” the friennd spoke.

Ennd 32:8
8- Each game A├»lfinnishit finnished let him learn morre about gaime-mayking. Morre tricks, morre dumb thinngs that shan’t be donne again, morre knowledge to pass on.

Ennd 64:64
8- Wise A├»lfinnishit spoke thus: “Makinng gaymes seems easy and funn, and sometimes it is. Butt it cann still be difficulte as hel sometimes. I just gotta keepp going and my games only get better annd better.


Thank you for reading!

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