Week 72: Ninja Pop-Pop

I got older.

This week I overhauled things in the ninja game and then I worked a bit on Flying Pop-Pop and also I went back to the new apartment and got internet working!


The visual style of the Ninja game was heavily modified in favor of something that gives much more colorful possibilities while still looking interesting. Now I can just put any greyscale texture on the screen with a pair of colors that look good together and a homemade shader takes care of the rest. (actually a lot like on the previous version, except now you can change the color of the texture)

And I also changed how the controls work. There used to be swipey controls where you would slide your fingers on the screen all the time and these are great because you can’t really do these anywhere else than on mobile. But the problem with these controls is that you have to explain them if you want the player to be able to play. On the other hand, buttons and sliders and self-explanatory and simpler to handle too and good. So I switched to buttons and slider.

I’m pretty happy with these changes but meanwhile, very little progress has gone into the meat of the gameplay which is kind of a problem and will still be priority next week.


New enemy! This one sneezes every once in a while and it’s not really the most discreet of sneezes… I’m really happy with it!

It actually looked really bland for a while, until I add the shaking and the small explosion around it when it sneezes, which made it a lot better.

I also figured out how the difficulty/progression is gonna work! The system I thought up is mostly inspired from Risk of Rain’s difficulty system, with my own little twist on it! I think it’ll work great! (but also I’m gonna need more enemies! :X)


Liquid simulation! …?

This is actually related to that same progression system somehow! Although it’s kinda broken here… But I’ll figure it out, hopefully.


That’s it for this week! The moving back to the apartment took some time and so did my birthday, but apart from that, it was a pretty good week.

Next week I’m mainly working on the Ninja game and then Flying Pop-Pop a little! Hopefully I get the time to do a short write-up or something too!

Have a great week!

Take care!


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