Week 71: Coherent Flying Greeble

OK week.

This week I finally finished the article about coherent data generation! I also fixed Flying Pop-Pop and finished a Pico-8 Doodle!


This Pico-8 Doodle was commissioned by Ryan Malm, through the Patreon ‘Doodle Overlord’ reward tier!

Ryan wanted my take on a Greeble Generator, so I took the opportunity to make small pixel art parts, because I don’t get to do a lot of pixel art in my current projects and I miss it. 😦

The generation is fairly simple with just one little twist on how it uses the map and it is coupled with a super basic object system for the animated elements. I’m pretty happy with the result!

‘Doodle Collector’ tier supporters get the source for the doodle over there!


Last week I wrote about how I was stuck on a bug with the new snek enemy in Flying Pop-Pop. Well I fixed it! In the end I just implemented a hacky fix, while still not understanding where the problem was coming from originally. Not proud of that but at least the problem is dealt with, so good enough.

But it does mean I can move on! Next up is a stretchy enemy, but also the progression system! I’m still not sure how that’s gonna be. I do want the player to have resting times along the game, but also I don’t really want a wave system because I find that unoriginal and boring. :X I’ll find something!


The Doodle Insights #19 is finally up! It’s about generating coherant data and different algorithms that can be used to do that!

I’m fairly happy with it and in particular I’m really glad I got to mention a bunch of other programmer-creators who do really cool stuff!

If you’re interested in procgen, you should check it out!


This post ends up being pretty short, finishing the Doodle Insights #19 took a lot more time than I would have liked. I still got to work on other stuff tho, so it was a pretty good week! I really have to get back on the ninja game now though. :X

And so next week I’ll be mainly working on the Ninja game! I’m also gonna drive back to my new apartment and hopefully finally resolve the internet situation there! I want to work some more on Flying Pop-Pop too! Oh and there’ll be a short unpublished write-up from a year ago, that I found while putting some order in my files!

Have a great week!

Take care!


2 thoughts on “Week 71: Coherent Flying Greeble

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  1. What kind of language do you use to create these amazing games(I want to learn at school and hope to be like you and do whatever I want)


    1. Hey! I made most of my small projects in Pico-8, which I would definitely recommend to any beginner! (it’s 14.99$ but it’s soooo worth it) It uses a slightly modified version of Lua.

      Flying Pop-Pop is being made in Love2D, which uses regular Lua.

      The Ninja game (from previous weekly recaps) is being made in Unity, with C# scripts. I would not recommend Unity to a beginner, unless you really want to do 3D and don’t really care about programming.

      I hope your dreams come true! 😀


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