Week 38: Tiny-TV Jam, Patreon, tired

Exhausting week!

I launched the Patreon and it went ‘OK’, then I started working on a Pixel Session Vol.1 update and it went ‘meh’, then I launched Tiny-TV Jam and it went ‘oh shit’ and now I’m very tired.

Here are some doodles!


Let’s start with the Patreon! I did manage to launch it even though I still wasn’t sure it was such a good idea. And it did pretty good in the first 24 hours and then it just froze for the rest of the week. Still, the pledges amount to 71$ per month which is already pretty nice!

If you’re feeling generous or care about what I do and want to see a lot more, please do consider supporting me, this Patreon is currently my main source of income! Plus you’ll get notifications of the stuff I upload and also you can get source codes and doodle insights and all kinds of good stuff like that!


^ might never get finished ^

Then I started working on a new game to add to Pixel Session Vol.1. And while I was pretty happy with my game idea, I’m getting more and more convinced that doing this update is not worth my time. Pixel Session Vol.1 has been a failure to me. I’m pretty happy with the games themselves but I messed up the marketing part really bad. And I don’t feel like working more on a failure is a good idea.

So I don’t really know what to do here. Honestly I really don’t feel like doing this update. It shouldn’t take too much time to do but it would take a lot of energy. I don’t think the update will come out this week.


I launched Tiny-TV Jam! And just before that I did the framework TV cart and I wrote a set of instructions for using it! It took a lot more time than I thought and I ended up spending two whole days on it, right before the jam starts and then still a lot of time making sure things were ok, making a video to make participating easier and fixing the framework TV cart twice. That was exhausting. But!! A few entries are already in and a bunch of tiny TVs have been getting around on Twitter and they all make very happy and it’s all very overwhelming to me but I love it!

Check out #tinyTVjam on Twitter and play the entries on the Pico-8 BBS, they’re actually really good!!

Also I made the voxel space arcade cabinet from above on stream! And it was a lot of fun! I will do more streams in the future so do follow me on Twitch!


Then I figured I would do a tutorial on something since I have a Patreon now and that’s a thing people that have a Patreon do. So I did a Twitter poll to choose the subject and people choose the most technical of the options, palette swapping. I’m still working on it and progress has been frustratingly slow.


And I’m really tired and I wish it was Summer so I could go outside in the Sun and juggle for a whole afternoon. But nope it’s Winter and the weather is super cold and getting outside without any real purpose is a pretty stupid thing to do. I’m getting pretty sick of staying inside though. And working 12 hours a day is getting quite dull too.

So next week the goals are: chill out and get started on something actually exciting and fun!


This week, a lot was done and now my batteries are really low.

I’ll be finishing and uploading the palette swapping tutorial very shortly and then we’ll see.

Have a good week!

Take care!


If you enjoyed reading this, consider supporting me on Patreon so I can make more cool stuff! Thanks!

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