Week 37: One Room Dungeon, Tiny-TV Jam, Patreon incoming

Pretty busy week!

The Ludum Dare results are in! I did a post-jam update to One Room Dungeon! I engaged discussion with a publisher (top-secret stuff tho)! I announced the Tiny-TV Jam! And I started making a Patreon!

Only two Pico-8 doodles this week, what with me having lots of things to do!


ld37resultsTake a look at One Room Dungeon’s Ludum Dare results!

Being very honest here, I did expect to be in the top 100 but I didn’t expect to get that high because of all the flaws it had. If you are interested in what I think of One Room Dungeon and its making, last week I wrote a post-mortem you can read!

More surprising to me is the audio score (#81) as I literally did all the sound in less than an hour with the deadline creeping on me and wasn’t super happy with it.


But I really wanted to polish it more and get rid of most of the flaws I could think of so I did a post-jam update! The plan was to do it in just one or two days but it ended up taking three because of all the music-making.


Now, the game is better-balanced, has better UI and is much richer audio-wise. Now is a good time to play it if you have a few spare minutes!


Last week I did a Pico-8 doodle staring a small voxel TV on which you could play pong and it was suggested on Twitter that I make a game jam out of it. And this is why I am announcing Tiny-TV Jam! The game jam where you have to make a Pico-8 game for a tiny Pico-8 TV with a 10×11 screen!

YOU are invited! 😉

If you have Pico-8, you are more than welcome to participate! Otherwise, get Pico-8 so you can participate, it’s cheap and a very good game engine!

The jam will run from January 14th 00:00 GMT to January 22nd 24:00 GMT and it will be hosted on the Pico-8 BBS. There’s more details about the jam on the announcement BBS thread!



And I’m finally launching a Patreon!

A few months ago I wrote in a weekly recap that I didn’t think it was a good idea to do a Patreon because I didn’t have that much of an audience yet and gamedev Patreons generally don’t do very well anyway. I still stand by this. Even if we just hit 2k followers on Twitter (:D !) this is still a rather small audience and I’m still aiming higher. Also gamedev patreons did not improve much.

But in this beginning of the year 2017, it seems a bunch of gamedev friends made Patreons and so now is the good time to do one too I guess?

I don’t expect to get much out of it but I hope I will. I don’t expect to get over 50$ per month but I hope we will go over 100$ in the first week. Whatever happens, this could work and that’s why I’m gonna try and scatter my doodles outside Twitter a bit this week. I’m probably gonna do a Facebook page, an Instagram, all these… Also I might start doing more stuff on Youtube too! And I want to get streaming on Twitch! So many things that could be done!

There will be exclusive content for Patreons but I will always have most of my stuff available for anyone to see for free. I wish I could just make money making free content. But Patreon might be a great solution!

The TRASEVOL_DOG Patreon will be launched this week, look forward to it!


It was a good week! I did lots of stuff and still have lots of stuff to do! And I am pumped about it!

Next week I’m launching the Patreon, then I’ll be working on an update for Pixel Session Vol.1, then I will be launching Tiny-TV Jam! Hopefully I get some time to make some progress on the Pico-8 nested engine (I didn’t forget about it)! And there will be doodles!

Have a great week!

Take care!


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