Week 39: Tiny-TV Jam, Palette Swaps Guide Gif

An OK week with a very nice ending!

I finished the palette swapping tutorial! I made a game called RunGirl for Tiny-TV Jam! Tiny-TV Jam has ended!

This week there was only one Pico-8 doodle but it’s a really good one:

~ 2D Terrain Generation ~
(you can download the source code for this doodle and all the new doodles by being a 8$+ Patreon patron of me, otherwise you can just wait a few weeks and I’ll release all the source codes for free in one pack like I did the 45 first ones)

The first three days of this week were dedicated to making the palette swap tutorial happen. Here it is in its final version:

Check out the bigger version!

I strongly suggest you take a look at the bigger version on the Patreon though, especially if you want to know more because I also wrote a bunch more info about palette swaps under the gif.

This guide gif was entirely made and recorded in Pico-8, into 6 128×128 pieces which I then assembled together thoroughly using ImageMagick. There are a few typos I know but I didn’t have the courage to record it all and assemble it again.


Afterwards, I started making my Tiny-TV Jam entry, which is now finished, named RunGirl and you can play it there!

~ RunGirl ~

RunGirl is just a game about your basic rungirl running through day and night while avoiding lasers.

To me, this was mostly about trying to make something understandable and pretty in a 10×11 screen. The gameplay is really simple (but fun enough), the code is terrible (but works) and the audio is poor (but sufficient). But I’m pretty happy with the graphics!


And Tiny-TV Jam is over now! Originally, I expected something like 15 entries… There are 58 entries!!! This is truly overwhelming to me, I never thought so many people would participate! It also looks like everyone had fun doing it, which is always nice to know! I’m super happy with the interest this jam has got and I’m definitely gonna organize more jams in the future!

The judging section of the jam is starting now and will last until Sunday. If you participated, thank you so much and you can go judge the other games there! And if you didn’t participate, well thank you for your interest anyway and you can still check out the games, most of them are super interesting!


Now, with both the tutorial and the jam done, I finally have more time! And to me that means new project! Big project in fact! I don’t want to tell what it is exactly yet but this week you should see a bunch of things that will lead to it! I’m very excited about it!

he’s excited too!

Also, we reached the 128$ goal on Patreon, which means I’m buying a microphone so I can do streaming well!

This week was pretty good. I actually took the time to rest quite a bit and I already feel much better.

Next week, I’m picking up the Pico-8 nested engine again and I’m doing design work and experiments for the secret exciting new project! I’m also gonna try to keep on resting and organize a bit more. And there should be more Pico-8 doodles!

Have a great week!

Take care!


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