The weeked forest!


Last week-end I wanted to do a thing for procjam before it ends. Then I didn’t do it. Then I started making a little tree generator in pico-8 because I wanted too – because I saw Kate Compton’s talk there. It didn’t work. I tried again and by monday evening I had something. And I tweeted this:

I really was gonna let it at that when I posted this. I had other small ideas for it but I wanted to do NaNoGenMo. But when I came back to Twitter an hour later I saw that this tweet had had more reaction than anything I tweeted before. So I decided to go for my other small ideas. And then I tweaked the parameters of my generator and I used the built-in gif generator of pico-8 to produce this gallery. Also, I asked Michael Cook – the guy behind procjam, for a late procjam submission link as he invited anyone to do on the procjam page. And I’m really happy about all that! The gallery has had a pretty nice success for my scale and that was very nice! Here is a pretty tree that is not in the gallery:

Who knew such a color effect could be achieved with the pico-8 palette!
Such a beautiful icy-looking tree!


For this coming week, pico8jam is happening! The theme has been announced, it’s “rain” and I have absolutely no idea! Hopefully it’ll come and I’ll do something cool. Also, NaNoGenMo will be coming to its end and I really want to do something for it. Although I have no idea for that either.
Take care!


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