Hi !

I am very excited to announce that I am starting my new project “Weeked Games” !!

Weeked Games is actually a Game-a-Week rip-off ! I just wanted another name for it, really.

Basically, I will be making one game during each week for an undefined number of weeks !

That may sound either aweful or great ! And it is !!

Each game will be started and finished on friday evenings (GMT+1) and I shall write about it here and on TigSource then and each game will be released on Itch.io until I change my mind about that.

About the games themselves: I will be making them on the time I have after school and during week-end so it won’t be enormous games. But I’ll make cool stuff I promess !! Some of the games will be done in the frame of gamejams which should be nice too. The games WILL be experimental. At least for me. Some of them you will probably call toys rather than games but that’s totally ok with me.

You will be able to follow the weeking of the games on my Twitter all week.

I will write a bit on why I’m doing this at some point in the near future so be prepared for that !

I’m starting the first Weeked Game tonight. Wish me things !

Be safe !


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