Hello Wlord !

Hi! My name is Remy Devaux and I like to be called Trasevol_Dog but you can call me whatever you want. I am currently studying game programming at some school in Paris and I have a bunch of personal side-projects. And I like art in general.

This website is there mostly for those personal projects. Showcasing stuff coming right in your general direction in a hopefully-not-so-distant future !

So you can have an idea about my style, here is a game I made for Ludum Dare #32 : TETRATOR !

Looks pretty nice, doesn't it ?
Yea… Colors right ?

TETRATOR is a game in which you decimate invaders from your tetris-powered missile-launcher bunker. It has screenshake, pretty colors and an amateurish retro soundtrack too.

People have been saying very nice thing about this game and it ended up 69th in the overall compo ranking of Ludum Dare #32. So you know… You can play it !

And also, here is a twitter-bot I made : YouLookNiceBot

It tweets procedurally generated compliments. It uses a pretty cool thing called tracery, which can be used to simulate grammar or something !

“Your bottom looks like a flock of kittens.” it tweeted once !

You can follow it too if you care !

So that was a quick note about me ! Soonish, I’ll come back here with a new project and that’ll be cool !

Be safe !

TRASEVOL_DOG (Hey look you can find me on twitter too !)

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