Week 111: LOKPIK

A determinant week maybe?

This week I finished my sprite rotation algorithm and implemented it into Sugar! (I won’t write about it here, because it’s pretty much all maths – and not even the interesting kind – sorry :X)

Then I sat down and looked at the different projects I wanted to do, and decided to prototype an idea I got a few weeks ago!

And before that, I tried to find an alternate (slightly higher-res) pixel art style for my future games, and came up with these bird friends. I’m not planning to use them for anything yet, but here they are anyway!


Basically, my ‘Melee’ game project didn’t feel super exciting, even to myself. So I decided to look at my other options.

Right now I need a game I can make (with Sugar) quickly and then sell. I need to make game that will make money, even if only a little, AND will give me a presence on other marketplaces than Itch.io.

So I need a game concept that is simple and super manageable in a small scope.

At first my mind went to a One Room Dungeon sequel, which I tried to do with Love2D last year, until I abandon the project. But that project would require a lot of spritework, and right now I’m more in the mood for code.

Then my mind went to a sequel for Blast Flock. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but I’d like to get ambitious on this one, this wouldn’t be a small-scope project.

Then there’s Gar’s Den 2, but that one will have a much bigger scope still.

And then I remembered an idea I had sketched on my notepad a few weeks ago. A very very simple concept that I just didn’t know whether it would work. I had called it LOKPIK.


LOKPIK is a game about drunken lonkpicking! It’s colorful, kinda crazy, simple and simple to understand, and hopefully it’s fun too.

Since I had my doubts about that last element, I decided to prototype the idea in Pico-8 over a few days. (which will become a week and a half by the looks of it) So far the result is pretty interesting but it does get repetitive quite fast.

I’m planning to add a few very simple mechanics to add variations to the gameplay. The prototype will remain quite barebone though, since it’s just to test the idea and if I’m really happy with it, then I’ll be designing a slightly bigger game out of it and I’ll be making it with Sugar.

I’m still gathering ideas for the fleshed-out version, but I think there will be more than enough to work with.

Meanwhile, the prototype will be released somewhat discreetly on the Patreon sometime this week. I’m not sure about everywhere else yet (Itch.io, Pico-8 BBS, Armor Games??) it might get to all these places a bit later.

All in all, this was quite a good week!

I want to thank all my Patreon supporters, because they allow me to do what I do, and you might not get this regular recap without them! Here are the names of all the 3$+ supporters:

Ryan Malm, Joseph White, Austin East, Marcin Majewski, Zachary Cook, Jefff, Riccardo Straccia, HERVAN, Andreas Bretteville, Bitzawolf, Alan Oliver, Paul Nguyen, Dan Lewis, Christian Östman, Dan Rees-Jones, Reza Esmaili, Thomas Wright, Chris McCluskey, Joel Jorgensen, Marty Kovach, Cole Smith, Giles Graham, Tim and Alexandra Swast, Sasha Bilton, berkfrei, Jearl, Dave Hoffman, Finn Ellis, Egor Dorichev, Jakub Wasilewski, amaris, Brent Werness, Anne Le Clech, Jeremy Bouin, Jesse Bergerstock, Jacel the Thing, Pierre B., Sean S. LeBlanc, C Oakreef, Andrew Reist, vaporstack, hushcoil, rotatetranslate

This week I finishing the LOKPIK prototype and then moving on to the bigger version IF it seems like a good idea, which I think will be the case! I might also spend some time adding a few minor features to Sugar!

Have a great week everyone!

Take care!


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