Pretty good week!

This week I released a game! No it’s not Bombs On Venus, not yet, it’s SHOOTING STAR! I also worked on SUGAR and I wrote one more Bach effect tutorial thing! Oh and One Room Dungeon got released on Armor Games!

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☆∴。 *
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・ ゚*。・゚★。*゚

Ok, bear with me here. This past week, there’s been 4 or 5 memes that got really popular on Twitter, in very quick succession. It’s been pretty wild but one of them was this format where you have this trail of stars and right underneath a picture for which it makes sense to have a trail of stars above it. First it got me wondering how good it would look if it was a gif instead of a picture, and then I thought “how about a video game”

So there you go, you can now play SHOOTING STAR, a game in which you’re a star that shoots (haha) at, uh, things and you have to switch between two energies and shoot with the right one. It’s actually pretty ok for a game made in roughly 28 hours!

Who would have thought the first game I would release in 2018 would be based on a meme?

I think making this was a good idea because I really felt a need to release something while also being really apprehensive of releasing anything. So making (and finishing!) something really fast and then releasing it without any second thought felt good!


I already wrote about this in the last two weeks so I’ll make it quick, but now it’s out!

One Room Dungeon: 2018 Update is now playable on Armor Games! It has met a pretty cold reception if truth be told, but I’m still happy with the game!

Patreon supporters (any $) get the executables for the game too, (windows, mac and linux) on this post!


Minit came out this week! I played it some time and I can tell you it’s a really really good game! As a homage to it, I replaced the player sprites in Bombs On Venus with improvised sprites based on Minit’s character. I think it doesn’t look too bad!



Mostly though, I’ve spent some time working on those sprites for the final boss and thinking about the design of the whole encounter. When I finally got back to the code I very quickly met the Pico-8 cart compression size limit, which somewhat rebuked me.

That’s ok but I did decide to take my time with this game. It’s probably not going to bring me any money, so I might as well focus on SUGAR and take my time to finish, polish and playtest Bombs On Venus.

Either way, I’m pretty happy with how this boss is looking! Can’t wait to see it moving in-game!


Another week of implementing base stuff and doing light fixes on previous implementations! Except this time I don’t really have much more to show than last week because I spent my time implementing the camera(), clip() and fillp() functions and then I rewrote my trifill function to make it both faster and sharper.

I have yet to implement circle rasterization. I feel like it’s going to be very interesting but also very hard to wrap my head around.

I also got a small start on my input system, but nothing to show there as of yet. Next week though!


And that’s pretty much it for this week! It was a week full of different things! That’s pretty cool but tiring too!

Next week I’m focusing on SUGAR all week! But I’ll try to get some progress on Bombs On Venus too and also write the last (!) Bach effect tutorial thing! Although I have no idea what it should be about! :X

Have a great week everyone!

Take care!


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