Weeks 89-90: Off To A Rough Start

We’re actually in the middle of the week 90 as I write this, but I’m simply very tired and I definitely need a break, so I’m taking one until Monday!

In these 10 days, I updated the Patreon, I prepared the announcement for Tiny-TV Jam, (delayed btw, so sorry about your calendar Paul :X) and then I realized that I wouldn’t be able to keep on going if I tried. So I stopped.

But hey, look at this Patreon update doodle!


It took me almost a whole week to summon the strength to make the doodle and the actual update to the Patreon. Which is terrible because this is typically the moment where I’m not very active at all and so a pretty bad time to promote the Patreon. But it is done, and I am glad about that!

So what’s new? Rewards! First off, the 5$ reward tier gives you access to the Pico-8 Doodle trove where I put the source files for all the doodles since I started making them. Before, the 5$ tier gave you access to exclusive posts where you could download the source files for each doodle. Finding them back was a chore. This is simpler and better.

The 8$ reward tier give you access to two new things: a trove of abandoned projects, with GameMaker projects, Pico-8 projects and one Love2D project, all of which have never seen the light of day. Will update the trove as I abandon other projects.

The same 8$ tier also gives you access to work-in-progress projects, among which Flying Pop-Pop and the voxel island generator! Those I want to finish, although I’m not sure when. So in the meantime you can take a look (and a play) at them through this tier. I hope to add one more project to these before the end of the month!

And finally, there will be no more Patreon-exclusive technical write-ups, only exclusive update posts. All the new technical write-ups will be public on the blog and various other platforms as foretold in the last weekly recap. Although, the 5$ tier will grant you an early access to the new write-ups.

I spent the start of this week trying to update my tiny-tv cart from last year to make it rotate on all 3 axes and to optimize it. It didn’t go so well.

I really hate 3D maths now, it’s just horrible. In the end I got it to work but it’s still super flawed and full of artifacts, which I really don’t like. So I’m probably going to try again with another approach, but not right now, later. Maybe I’ll take a stab at it next week. Maybe not.

In the meantime, the Tiny-TV Jam is delayed. That sucks. But truth is, it would probably have destroyed me if I went on with it. Last year, the jam took an inconceivable amount of energy from me. I had a ton of fun and I was so glad that so many people were interested by my tiny jam, but wow did I not expect it to take literately all of my awake time that week. And I remember the impact it had on the weeks that followed.

I do expect it to go better this year. For one thing, the framework cart will not have the same problems it had last year. Something else is that this time I’ll do the instruction video before the jam starts. (last year I made it in reaction of the text-version of the instructions being super scary) And this year I’ll try to not let myself get sucked into managing the jam every hour of the week. I’ll check everything maybe twice a day and that’s it. Ping me on Twitter if something is really wrong.

I do not know when Tiny-TV Jam 2 will actually happen. Maybe in February. I’ll take a look at the jams planned on the itch.io website and I’ll take a decision from there.


Today I was supposed to do the official announcement for Tiny-TV Jam. Instead I had a small breakdown in the middle of the afternoon and decided I needed to just stop and rest. So I did a small rant on Twitter and decided to not come back to Twitter until Monday.

I feel like Twitter takes a lot from me these days. Not only do I spend too much time on it, the things I see often remind me of how hateful and scary our world is and just thinking about it becomes exhausting after a while. I think it’s important to be aware of those aspects of the world, I really do. But this is just too much.

So no Twitter until Monday. I’ll probably check the Patreon now and then and I’ll keep an eye on my emails. I’m not working on anything Pico-8, but I might try and set something up for a project I’ve been wanting to work on for 9 months! Maybe some of you will guess what it is, and for the others, I’ll post about it on the Patreon next week!

But the main focus for the rest of this week, is to rest!

Have a nice week remainder everyone!

Take care!


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