Week 84: 🍄Mushroom Délicieux🍄

I made and released a video game!! What??!?!

This week I worked on bringing AR to Ninja Attack and then I made a game for Ludum Dare #40!

Meet 🍄Mushroom Délicieux🍄 !!


Walking through the forest feels great! But sometimes you get a little hungry… You’re in luck though, because the forest is here for you in… Mushroom Délicieux!

Eat some delicious mushroom and get some delicious hallucinations in this Eat & Run game, full of juicy action and only the prettiest graphics!

Yes, this is my Jam entry for Ludum Dare #40! This is the first time I fail to complete my entry for the compo and had to submit to Jam instead. Still did everything myself within the 72 hours though!

I spent a huge amount of time on the pixel art and that was definitely what I liked best in the whole process of making this game!

The game is loaded with very colorful effects, maybe too much of them actually, they make the game a little hard to play and that’s a bit of a shame, but!

I am extremely proud of this game! I love it so much! It’s just a big colorful mess that you can play and that’s exactly what I’m all about! To me this game feels like the best thing I’ve made in a very long time – possibly ever.

Play it maybe?

Also, I loved making this game and I feel super good right now! I’m already getting tons of positive feedback and that’s super nice as well! I am pumped!


We’re finally there! And it’s almost working!

I’m bringing Augmented Reality to Ninja Attack, for iOS, without any iOS device. And it’s going surprisingly well!

Still a bunch of problems though, as you can see in the gif above. But all in all, it might all be ready by the end of next week!

Tune in next week to read about what went wrong this time!


That was a great week! Or rather, it was a super good week-end with Ludum Dare! Because Ludum Dare actually took all of my Monday, now my next week only has 6 days, and we’re already at the end of the first one. :X

Still, this next week I’m mostly working on AR for Ninja Attack and spreading Mushroom Délicieux around probably!

Have a great week!

Take care!


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