Week 70: Moved

On Monday I moved into a new apartment in northern France! I was really excited about it, until it turns out that internet wouldn’t be working until a technician comes by, later in the week. The technician came on Thursday, but only to say that they’re gonna be making some minor modifications to the apartment and that I need the authorization from the owner of the building first. Luckily I could get that authorization that same day, and then call my internet provider so they send me another technician… On Monday – and that’s today! (I still don’t have internet while writing this)

Update from Tuesday: The technician came and could not do anything because the source he was supposed to link to my apartment was blocked physically. So I still don’t have internet in my apartment. So I went back to folks place for a week, hoping to figure things out before I go back.


This week I worked some more on the ninja game, I polished Flying Pop-Pop and got stuck on a bug, I wrote some of the Doodle Insights 19 and I went out a lot in my new town. :X


Sadly, this is pretty much all I have to show for this week.

The ninja game! Development is going ok! There’s a lot of graphic assets to make and it takes a lot of time! That throwing animation on the right arm on the gif, first I tried making sprites for it and it looked really bad, so I tried again and then again, until I finally gave up and made a shader just for that and it also took a while but at least it looks decent!

But the rest was pretty straight-forward. I’m pretty happy with the ninja-stars and I like how the control feels for now! And the experimental aesthetic hasn’t failed me yet!

Next is the meat of the gameplay: enemies, progression, score, power-ups etc etc. All that good stuff will come… in time.

Meanwhile, little progress has got done on Flying Pop-Pop, mostly because of a bug with the Sneks being all parts and not just singular enemies. At this point, I feel like rewriting the entire code for them is the best solution. But I didn’t get around doing it yet. Still, I know what enemy I’ll do afterwards!

I also worked on a second commissioned Pico-8 doodle but didn’t finish it yet! Coming soon though!

And I wrote some more of the Doodle Insights 19, about coherent data generation! I want to publish it on Tuesday! I also wrote a few extra notes about procgen for my 8$+ Patreon supporters and that’s going up today as soon as I have internet! It’s about generalized vs specific ‘thing’ generation!


And that’s it for this week! I know it’s not a lot but a lot of time went into moving and discovering my new surroundings and also complaining about not having internet.

Next week I’m publishing the Doodle Insights 19 and from then I’ll try to go back to a weekly rhythm for the articles on the blog! I’m also working on Flying Pop-Pop, the commissioned Pico-8 Doodle and the ninja game! I’m also looking at new types of content to put on the Patreon soon-ish!

Have a great week!

Take care!


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