Week 56: Neverending Voxels

This week was actually kinda good!

So I didn’t finish the voxel project, BUT I did optimise it some more and made more than half of the voxel assets I want and even experienced with stuff that I won’t be keeping because it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be!

No Pico-8 Doodle this week! I really tried to focus on the voxel project because I really want to get it over with. Also that post is probably going to be kinda short, so I can get back to it.


The week started off with an idea for an optimization that needed me to mess up the drawing order (which is at the core of almost every system in this project) completely. I went for it and that optimization made the voxel rendering almost three times as fast and even opened doors for further optimization which occupied me for two more days after that. (along with adapting things to the new drawing order)


You may remember last week that I still didn’t know what game I wanted to make with this little voxel engine. (yes I’m calling it that) After much hesitation, I’m making a “narrative” experience, or rather a walking simulator inspired mostly by Proteus. This is actually the part I’m working on now, making voxel assets, working on map generation and thinking about procedural poems.


As you can see, I also figured out that I could use circles instead of squares for rendering voxels! I didn’t really like it on everything though, so I made it depend on my tile system and now I’m ok with it!

That’s pretty much it for this thing. This next week is the final week for it. I’m finishing the game either today or tomorrow (preferably today) and I start writing the article right after. The article will probably take two days to write and edit. And then it will be out. Finally.


Oh and yes this thing still exists. I could only work on it for two hours this week so I didn’t get much done but still!

I also started thinking about a Pico-8 music-making tool! After all this time working with Pico-8, I’m still really bad at making music with it. The problem is that I don’t really understand how to make something nice with the original tracker. So I decided to make my own tool for it! This week I peeked and poked the sfx section of the Pico-8 memory a bit and it feels like this is going to be quite fun! I’m eager to get on this right after finishing the voxel project article!

By the way, this idea was inspired by the OP-1 videos of the very talented Jeremy Blake, aka Red Means Recording which I discovered quite recently and you should defintely check it out!
That’s it for this week! Despite not finishing the things I wanted to finish, I actually made some very good progress!

The voxel game shall come towards the middle of this week! Then I’ll be working on my music-making tool! And Pico-8 Doodles!

Have a nice week!

Take care!


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