Week 48: Slow week

This week was somewhat slow! This is gonna be somewhat quick!

I was on holiday with my family this week and while we had a good time, I was also trying to get some content out as usual!

Here are some three Pico-8 doodles that I’ve done!

The one with the 16×16 grid is an actual hexadecimal sudoku generator and you can download (and print?) some results of it there!

So this week I fixed a few bugs in Gar’s Den and I finally made a linux build of Blast Flock with the help of Josefnpat (linux is hard) and I made those three doodles.

I also started writing something about code architecture for Pico-8 games but didn’t get the time to finish it yet. When I’ll be done writing it, it will be uploaded here on the WordPress for all to see! (unlike my weekly Patreon series Doodle Insights which is also very good and you can get access to by pledging 3$ or more)

That’s all I got for last week! Let’s talk a bit about what’s in store for this new week!

I want to finish that write-up on code architecture and that should be for the second half of the week, Thursday/Friday probably. But I also want to change the look of this WordPress! The current design is ok but not exactly pretty and not the most practical thing either. I want to put pictures of things I made as banner and background and I want to trade that plain design with something more stylish. (but not soo much) I hope to make it more welcoming and more comfortable to read and easier to find the stuff you want to read!

The video series I wrote about last week is still a thing I want to do and this week I’m gonna attempt to write the first episode and then record it.


I’ve been thinking about making games a lot, despite saying I wanted to take a short break from that. The itch is real and I’ll probably comply. In particular, I’ve been thinking about HIGH CLIMB, a Pico-8 game I made in Summer 2016 and that I planned to re-make with more content and as a mobile game for Winter 2017. This didn’t happen and I’m still very conflicted about making games for mobile but I still want to try! I may not end up making HIGH CLIMB again but maybe I’ll make something for mobiles, this time with Love2D!

Finally, I still have a few doodle ideas that I want to make happen!

This week was slow but it’s because I was busy spending time with my family! And I still got stuff done!

Next week, I’m changing the design of this WordPress, finishing my write-up on code architecture, starting a new game project, and if there’s time, writing the first episode of a video series and record it! There will be Pico-8 doodles!

Have a great week!

Take care!


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