Week 35: Releasing TETRSI and 45 Pico-8 doodles + end of the year bonus

What a week!

First I finished TETRSI, then I released TETRSI, then it was Christmas – I hope you had a wonderful Christmas btw – and then I released the 45 Pico-8 doodles I have done so far in one big pack.

Also I made a few Pico-8 doodles along the week!


The only things that were left to do on the not-tetris game were some gameplay polishing, all the menus and all the sfx + music. So I did all that.

I’m not very happy with the way I implemented the menus but at least they work well. Basically, everything on the processing side is hard-coded, with code for each options in each menus, all in one big script. It’s the first time I do this kind of menus in GameMaker, so I’m ok with it. Still, I will need to find a better way to do it for future projects.


Also I finally found a name for the game, TETRSI. It’s very close to Tetris, except you can’t really prononce it and it looks like a typo. I like it, I think it’s a fun name and I also think people might remember “the name of that game that was just Tetris but with a typo”!

When I was all done with it, I uploaded it with its source code on Itch.io! Again, it’s the first time I finish something I made in GameMaker, so the code is not super good, but still, there are some homemade shaders and surface layering techniques in there that might be interesting! Also you should really play the game, it’s actually pretty fun!!

Here’s some gameplay of TETRSI!


Then I spent Christmas with my family but I also did keep on making things when I could! And so, towards the end of Christmas day, I uploaded all the Pico-8 doodles I’ve been doing since I started making them 2.5 months ago, with their source code! There are 45 of them and you can play every single one on the Lexaloffle BBS and you can download all of them (and donate :x) on Itch.io!

45 Doodles In One Gif

Pico-8 doodles are a great way for me to try out ideas that don’t fit in my curent projects, making them into a cart in one sitting of generally 1 to 3 hours! And then it’s also a great way for me to produce regular exciting content for my Twitter, which you really should follow if you don’t already!

Do check them out, I’m really happy with the lot of them!


And that’s it for this week! It was a good week!

Next week is the last one of the year! What a year it has been! While the world seemed to not-so-slowly crumble into death and chaos, I actually learned an incredible amount of things! I dropped out of school, and started making things by myself. I made a lot of small video games and a lot of Pico-8 doodles. I sold some of them too! I met a ton of cool people, both online and irl. I hit 1k followers on Twitter, then 1.5k and it’s getting pretty close to 2k now. I did the three Ludum Dares of 2016 and a bunch of other gamejams. And a ton of other cool stuff happened too!!!

Here’s a non-comprehensive list of my goals for 2017:

  • have at least one video game published by a publisher (and get money $$$)
  • go to more events in Europe and hopefully in the World
  • get better at pixel art
  • get better at music making
  • get better at game design
  • reach 10k followers on Twitter
  • make lots of Pico-8 doodles


But just next week, I’m finally writing the post-mortem for One Room Dungeon and then I decide what to do next! Probably going to take it easy for this end of the year, the last few weeks have been  i n t e n s e !! There’ll be Pico-8 doodles anyway!

Let this year of madness end, so we can have the next one!

Happy holidays!

Take care!



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