!! Pixel Session Vol.1 is out !!

Good day!

Pixel Session Vol.1 is a collection of 5 extra-polished eye-candy arcadey jam-style games, exploring experimental and minimalist gameplay and graphics!

And you might have heard already but Pixel Session Vol.1 is out!!!

Get it get it get it get it here!!


You can also check out the release cart over on the Pico-8 BBS!

This is extremely exciting for me as this is the first product I’m selling, ever!

I’m also really proud of it! Each of the five games as its own identity and its own style but also contributes to the vibe of the whole pack!


Here are the title-screens for the five games:


I’m going to write a bit about the project in the next weekly post and then write a more complete post-mortem on the whole thing, hopefully next week!

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