Week 4 – CHOMP and flowers

End of week 4 and almost end of month 1!!!

— the Void Flower —

While this week should have been mostly about DEEPDOWN, well it hasn’t been at all. While DEEPDOWN waited in a corner of the Pico-8 cartridge folder, I traveled a bit and didn’t get that much done. So this post will be a bit shorter than usual. But! I did release a game!! But let’s start with the beginning of the week!

Last week I wrote about Picoscope and the presentation on game-feel I did there. I also said it had been filmed and would be uploaded soon after. It’s been uploaded! But it’s in french! So here it is anyway:

Soon I will do it again in English all alone in front of my screen! And by soon I mean probably over a week from now. Don’t worry, you’ll know when it’s done!

Then, a lot of the time I spent coding this week was for the flower generator also mentioned last week! I changed a whole bunch of things and I have been getting the following results!

While these results are much better than those from last week, I am still far from done with this generator! The results above use arbitrary color palettes rather than random one and I would much prefer random ones. Also, I want to add more petal types and complexify the flowers’ composition so the flowers look less like a mess. And then LOTS of tweaking await before getting regular good results!

And in parallel I worked more on CHOMP, the game I also mentioned last week! I finished and uploaded it too!

CHOMP is a game in which I focused on producing a very powerful input feedback. Screen shakes, camera kicks back, background flashes, colorful smoke appears, SFXs play and most of all, the *CHOMP* happens!


Indeed the game is all about chomping down pellets and fruits as they keep coming faster and faster without chomping the empty air or letting the pellets go to the back of your mouth. The game also features two unlockable difficulty modes, saved progression and a really cool title screen!

People have been saying the game lacks gameplay depth and it definitely does. Truth is that for this game I did not really care that much about depth. The unlockable difficulty mode thing interested me but I didn’t want the game to become an actual rhythm game because I knew that would require a lot more design work which uh… no please.

You gotta admit that title-screen looks rad

You can play CHOMP on itch.io or on the Pico-8 BBS so please do!!

At some point I also updated my Twitter bot @YouLookNiceBot, adding a whole bunch of vocabulary and a new phrasing!

Finally the second pico-8 jam started! And the theme is Chain Reaction and that’s a really cool theme! Here is a peak at what I got for now:


OH and I opened a Slack too!! Do hit me up on Twitter with your email so I can send you an invite, because I would love to hang out with you!!!

In the end, this week wasn’t super productive but things got done anyway and that’s really cool! CHOMP did get a rather warm reception and the flowers are getting a lot of interest on Twitter! That last gif with the gears also did way better than I would have thought on Twitter for some reason!

So yeah, this week was OK!

Next one will probably end up being mostly about the Pico-8 jam and a bit about flowers!

Take care!


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