Weeks 86-87: Finished Ninja + Happy Holidays

Last week I didn’t post a weekly recap because Ninja Attack was still unfinished and it had been pretty much my whole week, so I didn’t have much to write about. But! The Patreon situation from earlier this month did resolve! Patreon announced that they would not roll out their service fee after all and that from here on they would implicate the platform’s users more in their decisions. That’s really good because it means I can just stay on Patreon for my start-of-the-year plans!

Ninja Attack is done! For real!! AR mode and everything! Look at that, there’s even a trailer for it!!

After numerous test versions and fails, I finally found a SUPER hacky fix for our last crash occurrence that had been nagging us for over two weeks. I was also finally able to make the needed changes to the gameplay in AR mode. All in all, I’m pretty happy with the finished game, even though I’m not happy about how long it took. Here’s a quick look at the AR mode, recorded on the Frosty Pop Corps’ iPhone X!

Putting this project behind me feels very very good.

Regarding the release date, we’d be looking at February the 2nd!


Holiday Pico-8 Doodle! A Yule Log with an original fire simulation I thought up a few days ago!

You can grab the source code and executables for free over there!

This has been a very mild year for me, with some good things and some not-so-great things and that’s why I’m feeling very welcoming to these end-of-the-year holidays. I‘m looking forward to an amazing 2018 with tons of tiny projects, a few bigger projects and new write-ups, for you all to play, read and enjoy!

Right now I’m in a somewhat awkward situation where my laptop got unbearably slow after a Windows update, while on a family holiday trip. The formatting of said laptop was long overdue anyway but family holidays are hardly the time for that. So right now I’m on my super old emergency laptop which runs Linux and can do text-editing and running SDL-based software. (like Pico-8!)

It particularly sucks because I had planned to make a special gift to my Patreon supporters and I’m pretty much unable to do it in this situation, although I will probably try anyway tomorrow because I should have some time.


But since it is a holiday trip, I’m having lots of time on the road and I’m not driving much, so I started making a small Pico-8 2-player game! And it’s almost finished too! It’s a very simple little thing and it will probably be out sometime in the next few days!


That’s it for these two weeks! I’m already having some nice holidays with my family but I’m very much wishing you the same and if this time of the year isn’t holidays to you, or that you can’t really have nice holidays with your family (these things are rarely simple) I still wish you a very happy time, please take care of yourself and please get some rest before we enter the new year!

I’m gonna be finishing my 2-player game, writing some technical posts for the blog, and trying to produce my holiday gift for my Patreon supporters!

Have an amazing week everyone!

Take care!


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