Week 51: Patreon 2.0

This week wasn’t very good!

You may notice that this is coming out on Wednesday instead of Monday. It’s ok, I’ve only been procrastinating a bit on Easter.

Still, the week went very slow, with mostly background stuff on One Room Dungeon, which I can’t really make gifs of. But I also made changes to the Patreon and to the Patreon-related content!

Here are two Pico-8 doodles!


Let’s talk about the Patreon first because it’s the best part!

One of the main changes is that the Doodle Insights, previously a Patreon-exclusive series, are now completely publicThis way, many more people can read them, which makes them much more useful. But also there’s no more password-protected posts on this blog and that’s cool too!

The 3$+ patrons, who previously had the exclusive access to the Doodle Insights, will now be listed at the end of every Doodle Insights as official supporters of the series!

The source files for the Pico-8 Doodle are now available to 5$+ patrons! At the 8$+ tier, which used to get you the source files, you get access to a whole new series, the Snippet Decrypts! These are short posts, each time explaining one snippet extracted from a doodle! You can read the first one for free!

The monthly doodle commission deal, previously at 64$, is now at 50$, in the hope that someone gets it someday!

The 1$+ tier lets you request specific subjects for the Doodle Insights!

These changes were approved by my current patrons and I hope this update makes the Patreon more friendly to potential new patrons! It also opens up the Doodle Insights which is something I wanted to do!

If you feel like it, please do support me on patreon.com/trasevol_dog! I shall not deceive you!

~ Easter-themed transition ~

So what’s up with One Room Dungeon? Well. There’s still quite a bunch of background stuff I want to do before actually starting work on content.

This week I started working on different room sizes with changeable walls but then left that at the Pico-8 prototype stage. I also added a test zone with dark tiles to test out enemies and effects but it’s not exceptionally interesting to see either.

I also redid the idle and running animation for the main character but didn’t actually put them in the game yet.

making that run animation in ~100 seconds

Problem is, I’m getting dangerously bored with this game and I barely started working on it again, aside from all the refactoring.

Solution is, I’m gonna work on some new project this week! Well, a prototype at least! I have already an idea of what I’d like to do and it should remind you of previous projects, but this time I’m starting anew just from my Love2D framework, no refactoring. Exciting!


I’m also gonna try to do Ludum Dare, which is happening this week-end! Also happening this week-end is some much more personal stuff which will not let me have much spare time for Ludum Dare. Hopefully the theme will be good! (I know it won’t be, that’s ok)


This week wasn’t great but let’s not linger too much on it!

We’re already halfway through the next week and it’s looking pretty busy for the second half as well. Still gonna try to prototype a new game and do Ludum Dare!

Also, next week is week 52! It’s gonna be a full year since I dropped out of school! So maybe there’ll be a year recap or something like that, I dunno.

Have a good week half!

Take care!


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