Week 46: 7DRL+

This week I failed at 7drl! Still a pretty good week!

I spent nearly all my week on my 7drl game but still didn’t finish it in time.

Here are other things I made this week:


This week I was doing the 7 Days RogueLike challenge, which consists of making a roguelike in 7 days! Today is the 8th day and my game isn’t finished yet.


The main thing missing is content, since I spent the first 6 days working on systems such as: the item and inventory system, the dungeon generation, interaction system, gardening systems, lighting systems and the shopping system. The only two systems missing are the dungeon floors system and the enemy spawning. On the content side, I spent all of yesterday making tons of sprites for plants, enemies and loot and then proceeded to write the code for the plants and the loot but didn’t get enough time for the enemies. Sfx, music and title screen also need to get done.

Overall I’m really happy with all the systems I made. The lighting one was by far the one that required the most trial and error, with tile propagation and doors as one-way gates. This game actually features some of the best pieces of code I’ve ever written for a Pico-8 game. The level generation in particular, which is actually a second iteration, is very good at its job and only costs <800 Pico-8 tokens. (previous iteration was ~1800 tokens and was messing things up at times)

I’m also very happy with all the pixel-art I did for it! The style of the dungeon is obviously based on my last Ludum Dare game One Room Dungeon but I extended it further when it comes to the tiles, the enemies have better animations, and I’m very happy with the sprites for the items. (although you can’t see any of the enemies, nor all the items, as they do not appear in the game yet)

Progress has been pretty steady all week, despite getting extremely bored at times with all those systems. Yesterday I did attempt to finish the game and even though I didn’t get there, I did a ton of progress on it in just one day.


So there isn’t too much left to be done but there’s enough to justify a few more days before release. That’s why I’m turning this 7drl into a 14drl!

The game should be up on Friday evening, on the Pico-8 BBS!

Also I’ve been tweeting a gif of the game at the end of each day, check it out!


This has been a good week!

Next week I’m finishing my 7drl 14drl game! There could be a Pico-8 doodle!

On Sunday, I’ll go on family holidays for a week to see more family! I’ll keep on making and tweeting stuff but it’ll be a bit slower than usual. Also I want to take a short break from making games and try new stuff but I’ll tell you more about this next week! And I didn’t forget about the explosion tutorial, the time for it will come.

Have a nice week!

Take care!


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