Week 32: the king game and Pico-8 doodles

Quite a good week!

Good progress was accomplished on the king game! And I found a name for the game! I like it a lot but I didn’t announce it yet so I’m gonna refrain from using it for now. Just know that it’s decided and it will probably be announced next week with some promo art!

Here are some Pico-8 doodles!


The GUI for the king game has been upgraded! Everything looks fancier with cool frames, and nice outlines+shadows.

The money system has been overhauled! As announced last week, the money you get fills up bags and then you can only pay for things with full bags of money.

A shader was created for the transition from the end of the level to the hiring menu! It’s not in its definitive form but it’s already looking pretty good.


The Lab is being created! It’s a different zone from the earlier one which will be changed up to become The Plains, soon enough.

Enemies are populating The Lab! Androids, Sentry Bots, Tower Bots and the scientists making them! Most of their behaviors are defined, they only lack a bit of polish.



The list looks short but all those tasks were actually pretty big and I’m glad I could do all of them last week! The Lab does still need a bit of polish, and new followers have been sprited – they’re just reskins of new enemies but shh – and need to be added into the game.

Also noting here that the first gif with the new shader got me a lot of attention on Twitter! Thinking about it, it does feel like shaders tend to be popular on Twitter, especially when they are colorful. Also, because of this and the pico-8 doodles – which also got more popular than usual – I got about 150 new Twitter followers since last week. I got to say, being visible on Twitter really does become a lot easier with the number of followers you have.

Here is some more shader fun!


That’s it for week 32! This post was pretty short but I assure you this was a good week!!

Next week I’m cleaning things up in the project and working on progression again! I want to have the first levels in their order, to get a feel of the actual game, without the Cheaty Powers Of The Dev. Some promo art should get done, with the announcement of the title of the game. I also want to start working on sound and music. And I’ll be adding content such as new followers and maybe a new zone if there’s time – but I don’t think there will be. Pico-8 doodles will happen as usual!

Have a pleasant week!

Take care!


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