SUGAR is a retro-inspired, limitation-led C++ game engine!


SUGAR is currently in development.
Release is planned for Q1/Q2 2019.


  • SUGAR is a C++ game engine. It is built on top of SDL2.
  • SUGAR is in a big part inspired by Pico-8, with its limited resolution and its 16 colors and all its other quirky-yet-helpful limitations.
  • SUGAR lets you choose the resolution and the palette of colors you want to work with. (up to 256 colors at any one time)
  • A selection of palettes is available directly from the engine, or you can define your own.
  • SUGAR uses actual pixel buffers that contain indexes, pointing to the colors in the palette. Those buffer can be read and edited at any time.
  • SUGAR’s API is kept sparse, functional and linear.
  • No game structure is imposed. Object-Oriented Programming is NOT forced on you.
  • SUGAR supports both popular game controllers and more obscure joysticks and trackballs.
  • SUGAR will support Lua scripting but only further down the line, after the initial release.
  • SUGAR does not feature an IDE. It works mostly as a framework, and you can work with the tools you are already familiar with for code editing, spriting, etc.
  • SUGAR will not be open-source. It will be a commercial product.


Here are some things that were made with SUGAR:





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